YouTube Channel with daily dota 2 let's play?

2021.12.03 05:05 poorbugger YouTube Channel with daily dota 2 let's play?

Is there any good channels with daily ranked gameplays? I prefer those with full gameplays of their own. Not just commentating off some pro's gameplay.
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2021.12.03 05:05 Ok_Ebb1833 Who's laughing now?!

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2021.12.03 05:05 BetaSpydog Saw someone call a modern Porsche “the poor mans Porsche”. I’m here to show my TRUE poor mans Porsche

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2021.12.03 05:05 Bot-Bot-Zamorano Player Ratings Result: Inter 2-0 Spezia (Serie A, Matchday 15)

Player Ratings:

1st Skriniar 7.33
2nd Handanovic 7.28
3rd Calhanoglu 7
4th Brozovic 7
5th Dimarco 7
6th Gagliardini 6.83
7th Martinez 6.8
8th D'Ambrosio 6.62
9th Perisic 6.41
10th Sanchez 6.35
11th Correa 6.33
12th Dumfries 6.25
13th Sensi 6.08
14th Dzeko 6.08
_____________________________________________________________________ Man of the Match:
MOTM Hakan Calhanoglu 35.3%
2nd Lautaro Martinez 23.5%

MOTM Awards Player(s)
x4 Calhanoglu
x3 Perisic
x2 Skriniar, Dzeko, Correa
x1 Dimarco, Dumfries, Handanovic, Barella, D'Ambrosio, Brozovic
_____________________________________________________________________ Other Ratings: Simone Inzaghi Tactics/Mentality: 8
Simone Inzaghi Subs Selection/Timing: 7
Simone Inzaghi Overall Rating: 7.5

Team First Half Performance: 7.31
Team Second Half Performance: 7.56
Team Overall Rating: 7.43

Referee: 7.06
VAR: 7.26

Opponent Rating: 4.68
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2021.12.03 05:05 FlugMango87 What‘s the highest rune you can get from Hellforge quest?

I got a Gul yesterday and that is the highest rune I‘ve found so far by quite a distance. Now I‘m thinking about starting many characters and rushing them through Hell as fast as possible to get more Hellforge runes. Is this viable or would my time be better spent sticking to the usual farming spots?
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2021.12.03 05:05 thepieworshipper Why would you need so many of them

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2021.12.03 05:05 Tallsouleatingtoad How do you make layers on a non-Digital map

I’m making a fantasy map for my players in a homebrew world. I’m trying to use Saran Wrap in order to provide easy layers like lore, political boundaries, player notes, etc, is there anything I can do to add more than one layer
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2021.12.03 05:05 Bridddje Parking Permit Fine

I had parked my car right outside my house in the permit zone as I do everyday and have been doing so for 6 months with a valid permit hanging on my rearview mirror. Today I got a fine stuck on my windshield and when I checked the permit it had fallen down. When I called the council they kept going round and round the same thing that you didn’t display the permit. It hasn’t not been 24 hours yet so I cannot even review the photo. Any advice what can I do here? I am an international student here.
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2021.12.03 05:05 alonzowithhair Here Are The New 3MIL Australian MK1 Variants

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2021.12.03 05:05 CanadianIndianAB Didn't get any internship for tge spring term, feeling like a piece of shit.

So, give you a background I am a Masters student in Vancouver, CA. I am currently in the second semester and only 2 weeks are left in this semester. I was planning to go on a Co-op from next semester. But I don't have any offers in my hand. I interviewed with a bunch of companies and got rejected from everyone of them. Now I will have to go on a co-op in summer term. Having no offers I feel like a piece of shit. And it's taking a toll on my mental health. All of my friends will be starting their coop with very good companies. I basically nailed every interview that I had. I feel my communication was not that good but my technical side was strong enough. I can do leetcode stuff and OOPs stuff really well. I don't know how to deal with these rejection. My question is how should I deal with this and do you have any suggestions. And if you're a person working in Canada I would really love to get a referral. Any help would be much appreciated.
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2021.12.03 05:05 SrirachaJuulPod Tinted the fit finally

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2021.12.03 05:05 HistAnsweredBot How exactly did Hannibal manage to flank the Romans at the Battle of Cannae?

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2021.12.03 05:05 AP-zima Dating an introvert

Sorry guys, it's a long read, I tried to keep it short, please bear with me. I want to see your perspective: can you relate to this kind of introversion or is this just outright disrespectful and dodgy behavior?
I (31F) had 3 very nice, long, couple-like day-dates with (an introverted) guy (35M) I met on the app. After each date we would become bit by bit closer, on our third date he was more open with me both physically and emotionally, I could see he feels very comfortable with me and I asked and he said he does. Two times he said he did not sleep well and would wake up at 5 before our date because was probably too excited (sweet) and he also said he's introverted and very expressive. On a second date when I asked how's his dating life, he hugged me and said jokingly that it's going very well and then more seriously that he is not dating others if he's dating me. He would always say that he either wants to see me again or we would plan the next date, he would asked me out again, etc. All in all, I always felt quite secure and safe with him and did not question whether he is into me or not (until recently?).
There is one thing that bothers me a lot, though: his communication over texts. In short, we don't text much but that's fine with me. Our texts are usually short and sweet. Before we first met, I noticed he is a bit weird texter: might omit some questions or texts, I was the one who initiated the first date and I had to restate the question a couple of times because he would not reply to it. I thought it was weird and mb he was not interested but he seemed like he was. After the first date when we were discussing the second meeting he left me on read for long hrs for a couple of times and I immediately brought it up using I-statements, no blame, etc. but just that good communication is important to me and mb we shouldn't keep dating then because I interpret it in a certain way. He replied that he still wants to see me and he agrees his msging skills need improvement.
The story repeated while discussing the third date initiated by him. I asked to call and he did after I asked like two times. We had a nice conversation, I patiently explained why it bothers me and how I interpret when it happens. He said it was hard for him to say no to me (we were discussing where we will meet, my city or his and he had no time to come to mine that weekend but was happy for me to come to visit him). He said it's also hard for him to react quickly on direct questions because he needs to think and plan. Then he said that something else is taking a lot of space on his mind which he isn't quite ready to share with me yet.
On a third date I asked him how can I understand him better and we talked over this communication issue and I suggested that he just could let me know that he'll get back to me later and I would feel much better. He seemed again very responsive and promised to be better at this. He also said that he likes to call but then I said I had to ask like three times before you called and that I'd be happy to call once in a while too, we sort of agree he would do that and he never did.
Last week we were again discussing our (fourth) date and he did not open my msg for 24 hrs. I thought that was it. I felt very sad it turned that way and send a long wall of text explaining why I made the decision not to continue seeing him (I have my own childhood traumas of abandonment and I react very badly to these kind of things). He did not respond and after a few hours I felt very remorseful because he is a genuine person and I felt very bad I could hurt him. So I texted once again saying that and he shared that he has a crappy relationship with his father and he's been writing him a letter. It brings up a lot of bad memories for him and he doesn't feel good and that in these situations he hides in his shell which I interpreted as silent treatment. Long story short, he said he'd like to keep seeing me too.
After that we shortly chatted, and in a relevant context I said I feel lonely on Christmas (I'm expat in his country). He replied "Visit me". This week I asked how's he feeling and he said the past two weeks were quite dramatic for him, besides it rained a lot and his mood correlated with the weather, and that he didn't finish the letter yet. I asked if I can do something for him and if he would like to meet to meet. He said cuddles would be nice and that he would like to see me and also asked if he can do something for me. I replied that if he means it, I'd like to have a phone call so that we can settle the plans for weekend. He did not reply, like at all.
I am at lost. I am of course angry and feel outright disrespected. I respect his feelings and what he is going through but it does not seem like he cares at all. Of course the right decision for me is to move on and that's my intention. I'm definitely not going to reach out anymore and if he does I'm not sure I want to engage. I kind feel like I want to ignore him so that he understand how it feels. I understand people open up in different paces but I also thing there should be some basic respect.
Can you guys relate to this kind of behavior? Do you feel like hiding in your shell and you simply can't bring yourself up to respond? Or is it simply a huge red flag waving at my face and I should not be understanding in this situation?
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2021.12.03 05:05 Captain_Buxley The power of sound

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2021.12.03 05:05 No-Opening-6766 upvoting every comment and reply!!!

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2021.12.03 05:05 chickenkariman My Netflix has a problem with loading

Does anyone know how to fix this?
This has been my situation for 2 days now. It seems like there's a problem with loading. It's literally just a white webpage with pictures of the Netflix site. I use a laptop to stream and I'm from the Philippines. I've already cleared the cache of my browser but to no avail. Netflix also works fine on other devices. I don't think my internet is the problem either.
I need to binge-watch Modern Family before it goes out this December 31 :'(
Can anyone help me, please!
P.S. I can't upload a screenshot, I think this subreddit is for text only
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2021.12.03 05:05 FallenWhirlwind910 I'm rapidly approaching a full nat dex, just need a few more things...

i've traded some of my pokes away since marking them as caught for my dex but i can get most things, as well as a quite a few items.
what i need:

any in the evo line will work as well :)
i also need the following legendaries (touch trades are fine):
thanks in advance for anyone who can help!
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2021.12.03 05:05 Run5639 Opting not to purchase a house. What to do with down payment money?

Decided home ownership is not for me--rather invest funds. Have 105K in cash from an older ALLY CD account at 3.1%. that was originally reserved for a home down payment (it matures in '23). Not sure if I should buy an i-bond now, then another next month, dump a good chunk into Fundrise as it's performed well over the years and then the rest into a Betterment account? My emergency savings is at 30k at 3% so I don't need to pad this anymore as I also contribute to it each month. What would you do?
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2021.12.03 05:05 crytoloover xSuter $xsuter Chart, Price and Contract

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2021.12.03 05:05 Gossamer642 [Online searching skills] How to find a Bill that became Amending Legislation (and any Explanatory Notes & Second Reading Speeches)?

Section 6.20 of the Environment Planning and Assessment Act 1997 (NSW) is the section that I would like to find the Explanatory Note for.
Using the legislative history button (NSW Leg - Leg History) I follow these steps:

  1. I click on the 'Table of Concordance' to discover that s 6.20 was formerly S 109ZK.
  2. Then using the 'Historical table of amendments' I find this information 'Ins 1997 No 152, Sch 1 [32].' So I know it was inserted in 1997 as number 152 in Sch 1
  3. I then expand the 'Amending Legislation' section and control-f for '152' and find this 'Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Act 1997 No 152
  4. I open that piece of amending legislation which is a PDF and find the insertion.
It's at this point that I'm stuck. If I control-F that PDF for 'Bill' or 'Explanatory Note' there is no reference that I can find.
I can't simply assume that the Bill will be titled something similar to the amending legislation and search manually?
So with precision, how do you clearly move from a piece of amending legislation to find its related Bill and any Explanatory Notes?
Thanks for everyone's help.
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2021.12.03 05:05 ZephirAWT Did the solar wind create Earth’s water?

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2021.12.03 05:05 jonny_sucks Does Creepy Puppeteer work with Pack Tactics?

The Puppeteer seems like it would synergize with Minion of the Mighty, making it a 4/3 that summons a dragon, but it didn't work in arena. Is there a reason for this? Both seem to have nearly identical text saying "if you attacked" yet only the Puppeteers ability functions.
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2021.12.03 05:05 Itzz_Texas Just finishing up Impel down

Bon Clay is a real one fr like homie made the biggest sacrifice during the impel down break out
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2021.12.03 05:05 CuriosityDotCom Curiosity Daily Podcast: #NoMakeup Fail, Photosynthetic Frogs, Why Atoms Don’t Collapse [Discovery's Daily Science Podcast]

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2021.12.03 05:05 Major-Driver-9989 Can you play PC games on Quest 2 while being in a room without a PC?

I'm getting ready for buying Oculus Quest 2, but i still have a question that i cannot find answer on. I have two rooms with PC's, but they are pretty small. I have bigger room in my house without a PC tough (this room oly has TV). I wonder of there's way to connect with the PC through Airlink, ald being in the other room at the same time.
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