Philips Hue motion detectors via Zigbee2MQTT

2021.12.03 04:48 spedeedeps Philips Hue motion detectors via Zigbee2MQTT

I've migrated my lights and things from Philips Hue over to Zigbee2MQTT. Mostly, it works fine and being able to have fine-grained control with Node-Red is great. However, I have one issue:
The motion detectors keep sending their payload (with occupancy: true) for a good while after I've already left the room. So say I walk into a room, leave and toggle the lights off manually from the Home Assistant control panel. After a few seconds the motion detector will turn them on again.
Is there a good way to make the motion detector only send another occupancy: true if it actually detects motion instead of broadcasting the old occupancy for a while until its occupancy timeout setting makes it reset to false?
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2021.12.03 04:48 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.12.03 04:48 Trekkingandhiking Everest Base Camp Trekking and tour

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2021.12.03 04:48 extraevidence2021 The Best Baby Sleep Tips Ever

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2021.12.03 04:48 Frescaestate What if I own disc game and dlc on ps5? What will happen if I dowload challenger edition and try to play without disc?

As the title says, I want to know what will happen to my save data if I'll try to play without disc after downloading challenger, I also bought fire and darkenes separately, so how does that come into play?
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2021.12.03 04:48 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.12.03 04:48 everyones_alternate [Not a MEME] I am the alt account of u/indianguyfromyoutube. I am shadow banned from r/indiandankmemes for no reason. More in the comments

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2021.12.03 04:48 Traditional_Neat8562 Made a bunch of sacrifices to do well in school. It hasn’t really been worth it.

All the way from high school through undergrad and my masters, I was super academics/career oriented so that I could get my “dream job”. My parents hated their jobs, and I didn’t want to be trapped like they were - so I busted my ass to do well in school.
I remember spending hours on Sundays (my one day a week with my dad post divorce) studying for that AP class that always had quizzes on Monday.
I remember skipping family birthday parties so I could work on that project.
I remember spending so much time at home in a book instead of learning how to socialize, talk to girls, go to parties.
I remember leaving my home city to go to the best undergrad college in the state. Then the best masters program in country. And now I’m living across the country working at something close to my “dream job”. My parents, siblings, nieces/nephews, and grandparents all living across the country.
I remember going to my first undergrad party senior year and hyperventilating because I didn’t know what to do.
I remember many all nighters to get super hard labs done on time so that I could start working on the super hard lab due next week.
I remember skipping thanksgivings to work on projects and study for exams. I remember going to thanksgivings and spending most of my time on schoolwork.
I remember spending my summers in college working in labs and doing internships instead of relaxing. I remember being so nervous about whether I’d get a return offer that I’d cry in my bed when I got home.
I remember how much grad school applications sucked and how I felt like I couldn’t even think that semester because I was on “work autopilot” the whole time.
I remember visiting my long distance girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, then spending the whole weekend working on a project because my partner couldn’t figure it out even though he agreed to cover for me. We talked about that weekend a lot when we broke up.
What do I have to show for it? A bachelors and masters from two great universities for a notoriously difficult major. A family that couldn’t be prouder. A well paying and prestigious job that I thought was close to what I wanted to do.
I realize that I am in an incredibly privileged position to say this….but honestly, I feel miserable.
I’m far away from family and friends. I’m alone in this city. Me and my gf broke up partially because I’m a workaholic and I didn’t pay her enough attention to her. I don’t make a huge amount, but I still barely use my money. I have no energy after work and everyday I feel like I need to block some screw-up or some shitty thing from my mind. I’m probably going to have to work this weekend for something so stupid.
You want to know what the worst part of it is? Everyone cheered me on the whole time. Said I was doing the right thing and that I had a good head on my shoulders.
I regret it though. I wish I could’ve taken some of that time back. I regret working so much towards something that’s just making me so miserable.
I regret working hard. I regret striving. I regret believing I’d find happiness in my job. I regret sacrificing things that made me happy so I could be more miserable.
What was the point of all of this? I don’t even know anymore.
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2021.12.03 04:48 Autoboss_ LB Mini R56 -- Retrofit, what do you think?

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2021.12.03 04:48 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.12.03 04:48 sfountain77 Husband has tested positive.

Husband (64) fully vaccinated March now positive. Currently day 6. Moderate illness, extreme fatigue and weakness, severe headache, fever (low-grade) body aches, minimal chest congestion, no cough. Day 1-4 the worst, seeing some improvements day 5-6 except weakness and fatigue. How long are you contagious? I’m fully vaccinated and feeling fine at this point. How long should we be concerned that I could still get the virus? I see that those exposed but vaccinated don’t need to quarantine, is that correct? Not sure when we should get our boosters. So many questions and concerns.
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2021.12.03 04:48 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.12.03 04:48 t800summon Question

How does Einstiena and catherine work? Anyone on field, that isnt wearing these two memory can trigger its passive from qte support. Or does it have to be the one wearing it on field to trigger its passive.
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2021.12.03 04:48 iamzhimin Are there any duos/trios/squads that have known each other for a VERY long time?

As you know, MCCAS Red (aka 4 muffintiers) have known each other for like 8 years or more, so this makes me wonder if are there any mcc participants that have known each other for THAT long? Or is it just them though?
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2021.12.03 04:48 Balenciaga-Stompers 👺🏮🍓 [H] Knives, Gloves, Playskins, Keys, Stickered Items [W] Offers / Downgrades / TF2 Keys


AWP | Oni Taiji WW 0.39
★ Stiletto Knife | Rust Coat BS 0.45
AWP | Asiimov FT 0.37
★ Gut Knife | Vanilla
AWP | Asiimov WW 0.42
★ Navaja Knife | Vanilla
AWP | Asiimov BS 0.74
AWP | Asiimov BS 0.54
M4A1-S | Golden Coil MW 0.11
AK-47 | Bloodsport FT 0.34
AWP | Wildfire FT 0.31
AK-47 | Asiimov MW 0.14
StatTrak AK-47 | Neon Revolution FT 0.35
Desert Eagle | Golden Koi FN 0.04
AK-47 | Neon Rider FT 0.27
AWP | Containment Breach BS 0.97
AWP | Neo-Noir FT 0.19
AK-47 | Legion of Anubis FN 0.06
AK-47 | Asiimov FT 0.23
AK-47 | The Empress FT 0.30
AWP | Hyper Beast FT 0.24
AWP | Neo-Noir WW 0.41
M4A1-S | Chantico's Fire FT 0.28
USP-S | Orion MW 0.11
AK-47 | Wasteland Rebel FT 0.22
AK-47 | The Empress BS 0.85
AK-47 | The Empress BS 0.98
M4A1-S | Hyper Beast FT 0.23
M4A1-S | Cyrex MW 0.07
M4A1-S | Cyrex MW 0.08
M4A1-S | Cyrex MW 0.11
M4A4 | 龍王 (Dragon King) FN 0.06
StatTrak Glock-18 | Water Elemental MW 0.14
AWP | Hyper Beast BS 0.49
USP-S | Monster Mashup FN 0.04
UMP-45 | Blaze FN 0.01
AK-47 | Legion of Anubis FT 0.29
M4A1-S | Cyrex FT 0.16
M4A4 | Neo-Noir MW 0.11
AK-47 | Redline FT 0.25
AK-47 | Redline FT 0.33
AK-47 | Redline FT 0.34
AK-47 | Redline FT 0.35
M4A1-S | Chantico's Fire BS 0.52
Sir Bloody Miami Darryl | The Professionals
M4A4 | Bullet Rain MW 0.11
StatTrak SG 553 | Colony IV FT 0.35
Glock-18 | Bullet Queen FT 0.23
AK-47 | Frontside Misty BS 0.71
M4A4 | Bullet Rain MW 0.09
AK-47 | Redline BS 0.58
Glock-18 | Nuclear Garden MW 0.14
StatTrak Music Kit | The Verkkars, EZ4ENCE
AWP | Fever Dream MW 0.10
AK-47 | Slate FT 0.18
USP-S | Cortex MW 0.09
Music Kit | Scarlxrd: King, Scar
USP-S | Whiteout FT 0.27
P250 | Asiimov WW 0.43
SG 553 | Cyrex FT 0.18
StatTrak MAG-7 | Heat FT 0.27
Glock-18 | Royal Legion FT 0.23
3x TF2 Keys

AK-47 | Bloodsport FT 0.19
AK-47 | The Empress WW 0.40
AWP | Asiimov BS 0.50

Stickered Items:
P250 | Supernova FN 0.01 W/ TSM Kinguin (Holo) Katowice 2015
MP7 | Armor Core FT 0.15 W/ Vox Eminor Katowice 2015
SSG 08 | Abyss MW 0.08 W/ Natus Vincere Katowice 2015
AK-47 | Redline FT 0.18 W/ Dosia Krakow 2017 Foil Craft
Dual Berettas | Urban Shock WW 0.42 W/ Katowice 2015 Craft
P90 | Grim FT 0.34 W/ Flipsid3 Tactics Katowice 2015
AK-47 | Safari Mesh FT 0.16 W/ Ninjas in Pyjamas Katowice 2015
AWP | Safari Mesh BS 0.65 W/ Flipsid3 Tactics Katowice 2015
MP7 | Asterion MW 0.07 W/ Cloud9 Cologne 2014
AWP | Acheron BS 0.49 W/ Cloud9 Cologne 2014
M4A4 | Urban DDPAT FT 0.27 W/ Vox Eminor Cologne 2014
Tec-9 | Red Quartz FT 0.16 W/ Fnatic Katowice 2015
SCAR-20 | Contractor FN 0.06 W/ Cloud9 Cologne 2014
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2021.12.03 04:48 moe217 Sunset at the Port of Long Beach [OC]

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2021.12.03 04:48 Impossible-Bad-8551 🐶 Mommy Shiba - 🔒 LP Locked for 1 Year | 💯 A Week Old | ✅ Verified Contract | 🌐 Website is Live

🐶 Mommy Shiba 🐶
🚀 Don't miss your last chance to get in early! 🚀
🔥 Jump into telegram and say hi. Welcome everyone! 🔥
ShibaChan 🐶 ($MOMMYSHIBA) is a new BSC token designed to simultaneously make you great friends and great gains. They’re putting a huge emphasis on positive social interactions and stamping out abuse, shaming and prejudice.
🔸 Listed on pancake swap
🔸 Listing on Coinhunt, Coingecko, Cmc and Coinsniper
🔸 5% of every transaction distributed to holders
🔸 Liquidity locked for 1 month
🔸 Dev wallet will be distributed to all holders
🔸 NFT Gifting platform planned
🔸 Social platform + wallet planned
They’r going to be using the dev wallet for funding research into ways to reduce bullying, promote kindness and acceptance, and reduce toxicity in general. Over time they’ll be introducing trained moderators to keep the social channels a safe space for people who wants to form connections with others who share the same vision. We all know the crypto space needs this.
They’re going to be setting the example by distributing the rest of the dev wallet to holders at key milestones, so holders’ wallets will grow without doing a thing. They also do regular competitions and giveaways 🔥
🚀 Official Links
🚀Contract: 0xd7CeBC93472A54732afEd40c0eaE21da5597Fb55
🚀Pancakeswap :
🚀Renounced Ownership:
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2021.12.03 04:48 niuz-bot Guvernul vrea să acorde ajutoare de urgență răniților și familiilor victimelor exploziei de la uzina mecanică Băbeni din Vâlcea: 7.500 de lei pentru fiecare persoană decedată - [Actualitate][Esențial]

Patru persoane și-au pierdut viața luna trecută într-o explozie produsă la Uzina Mecanică Băbeni și mai multe au fost rănite, iar Guvernul are pe agenda ședinței de vineri adoptarea unei Hotărâri pentru acordarea de ajutoare de urgență. Se vor acorda 7.500 de lei pentru fiecare persoană decedată, 5.000 de lei pentru fiecare persoană rănită și 2.500 de lei pentru fiecare persoană aflată în șoc traumatic.
Citeste in continuare:
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2021.12.03 04:48 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.12.03 04:48 OlyOM2N Let’s open a package from Japan Camera Hunter!

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2021.12.03 04:48 bensimmons_burnerac imagine going on a 18 game win streak just to lose to the lakers in the first round😂😂😂

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2021.12.03 04:48 coljavskiyi Floki World | Fast Track Incoming | Launching Now on BSC | Liquidity Lock | Low Marketcap!!

Floki World

100-250X potential realistic
Amazing and active community
Heavy marketing ongoing and incoming!

Welcome to Floki World. As we all know Elon’s new adorable Shiba Inu puppy named Floki has arrived. He is the inspiration for Floki World and we will be creating content based around Floki with our NFT’s and Game.
Now Elon Musk has Floki we can be certain that we will see more tweets and posts around Floki and we all know what kind of impact that had on Baby Doge!
Daily giveaways for shilling and game contests. Active voice chats and the most active community on bsc!

100,000,000 supply
LP for 1 year

4% Marketing
5% Liquidity
3% BUSD rewards (will not be activated until 1m Mc)
So far…
- CMS Top 1-2 trending
- Manual burn of 8.4%
- Paid shill raid leaders
- Paid for 2500 Coinsniper Upvotes front page
- Submit Poocoin Ad 4k speant
- Buyback/ further burn
- Top trending CMS agai
- Submit Gem spree Ad & promoted coin
- Submit BSC / DEXTOOLS socials and logo info ( very soon)
-CQ Application
- CG fast track application (Waiting on application checks)
-More buybacks and burns
-10BNB re-up on Poocoin ads
-Hired shiller and shillraid leaders (Thanos & Rukawa)
-Setup international communities channels
-extended the liquidity lock to 1 year
-Social media airdrop to boost exposure (coming)
+New Website
+Full social media exposure
+Dextools trending/ ads
+Billboard setup in London on the way and in talks
+Billboard setup in Newyork setup underworks
+Cg application pending with 300k mc to wait for fast track guys we are bullish

Contract Address: 0x588B87EC588d52503f19CC8CbE7B87FE776210A6

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2021.12.03 04:48 StamenTheFoxBG Here is information from the Q&A on cars

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2021.12.03 04:48 yolkofficial I'm ftfb

Female to femboy.
The urge to skip and wear girl clothes is so overwhelming. And putting on lipstick and eyeshadow, so lovely uwa~ oh and the color pink! And any pastels for that matter!
There is no jerk here, unless you count how backwards my parents think this logic is.
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2021.12.03 04:48 sterlingback My first Harley!

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