2022.01.28 17:23 Fylln Yaemiya

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2022.01.28 17:23 External-Incident-50 is it worth starting to revise in year 9?

so I'm about to start my GCSE's and I've picked my options (history, science triple, music, and media studies) but I've noticed many subjects have started the GCSE courses like English and maths and history and such. for example, would it be worth revising the plot of Macbeth and the Shakespeare contexts we are comparing it to or can it wait? I, think it might save me some time in the long run but what are your opinions? if yes what do I do? I don't want to be a year 11 who is only just learning how to revise.
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2022.01.28 17:23 masterp445 anybody know what’s that mean

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2022.01.28 17:23 cattlerancher1024 I want constructive ctiricism

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2022.01.28 17:23 FellowOfHorses Qual o seu guaraná preferido?

View Poll
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2022.01.28 17:23 ManicPixieP1ssK1nk time to write a song about using drugs, promiscuous sex, and impulsive decisions to fill the emotional void while still feeling empty

kinda like a straight edge song but more angsty and i don't actually quit stuff all together either
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2022.01.28 17:23 feedimo Knight rides to England’s rescue with day two century in Women’s Ashes Test

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2022.01.28 17:23 2speechless44 Should i take a pregnancy test?

hi guys, as the question in the title states should i take a pregnancy test?

should i wait until my period is “officially” late or should i just take a test now?
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2022.01.28 17:23 DeezRodenutz Trying to set radio buttons as selected via conditionals within the radio button.

So, I have a page with a ton of radio button sets. I have a model pulling data in from the database which I am using to fill in the various fields on the page. It's working fine for filling in textboxes/textareas/etc, but I am having trouble with how to set radio selections based on the values given from the model. None of my conditionals seem to work out. They dont error, but they just dont make the selection. Everything wants to read the whole thing as a single string. I've tried many combinations of single and double quotes around things.
Here is a couple examples of what I've got (the model gives the value "YES"):
This results in [checked]="'YES' == 'YES' ? checked : string.Empty"

This results in [checked]="YES == YES"
I'm also tried a few things with <%= %> and with Razor commands, but those mostly just give a ton of errors expecting characters in weird places they shouldn't be or making the no longer recognize its "/>"

There are a LOT of radio selections so I really don't want to have to set them all individually in Javascript if there is any way to set them within the radios themselves.
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2022.01.28 17:23 SteadfastAgroEcology Time Travel - An Alternate Way to Achieve The Same Thing

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2022.01.28 17:23 cheapcheet To think you’d had rather not said the truth in order to make sure I didn’t know I was loved

You’re so evil, heartless, unfeeling. You wish that you could’ve just not said the things you did? You wished you didn’t make me happy? How damned are you? You sighed you didn’t say what you did in that class in front of so many people. That I was inspiring and special and that I made you so happy? You led me on hard but I was happy. That was the truth that was your words from your own mind. And you’d have rather not said them at all because I “misinterpreted” it? It was meant in a “friend way”? Damn you you demon. You’re every word in every place used to describe how much of a huge shit you are. You’re every demon, devil, djinn, fae, jotun, evil spirit, apep, ahriman, you’re everything wrong with the entire world. it’s all in you. To regret gifting happiness to another, it’s just like you isn’t it? You took everything away from me, you gave not one thing to me, everyday before and after you took and took and took all I had. You are a demon aren’t you, I’m astonished I didn’t see it sooner. When you have to me once I was stunned to put the word “giving” in a sentence with you. You did nothing, you’re a horrible partner and a horrible friend. It’s a pattern of your own making and I pray to the gods it keeps happening to you because I gave you the chance to change to do something different and you denied me every. Single. Time. You are a piece of shit who surrounds himself with yes men and you’ll never grow. You only demand everything to be exactly how you want and exactly how you see it. That’s why you’re damned. You’re a parasite, and I hope someone cuts you into pieces one day and treat you exactly how you treated me. You don’t even remember what you said to me and what you did to me. I memorized it all, I wrote it down and I took screenshots because I always wanted to remember the fact that someone loves me, someone for once loved me, but you never did you piece of shit.
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2022.01.28 17:23 IM-A-WALKING-TRAGEDY Orbital pierced as two upper lobe piercings swapped for a ring later?

The title kind of says it all. Could I get two upper earlobe piercings at the same time the correct distance apart, and later turn them into an orbital? I was thinking that way I’d get the benefit of the two piercings healing faster with less hiccups.
Thanks for any info!
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2022.01.28 17:23 847277 ich_iel

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2022.01.28 17:23 Digital_dreamwaste Is having the TV on okay?

I know, I know, no screen time until 18 months. But what about the TV that’s just.. on all day? I’m home, it’s winter, I have it on to keep myself company. My baby is 5 months old and he obviously looks at it since it’s bright. Is it really that bad? I engage him pretty constantly when we’re sitting together and it’s not like he’s glued, mesmerized by the screen, he looks at it for a few seconds then goes back to crinkling his baby paper or grabbing at my glasses on my face. My sister (who doesn’t have kids yet) said I’m going to wreck his attention span and I shouldn’t have it on around him. What is everyone else’s opinion??
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2022.01.28 17:23 ScandinavianNFT These NFT spliffs can cost more than a Real-Life spliffs.

These NFT spliffs can cost more than a Real-Life spliffs. These NFT spliffs can cost more than a Real-Life spliffs.
Exclusive collection of pre-rolled Super Spliffs NFTs.
Each spliff is unique, different and only few will exist on the Blockchain.
Join our Discord.
Weed NFT Joint Smoke Bluntz

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2022.01.28 17:23 ExpendableGuy Announcing the Calling: Indianapolis

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2022.01.28 17:23 StockAccomplished497 1 year old account vs 1 month old account. The agenda is pretty obvious 😬

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2022.01.28 17:23 YourbestfriendShane Son of Dathomir is definitely one of the best Clone Wars arcs and it's a shame we haven't seen it in animation.

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2022.01.28 17:23 PsychologicalYak3640 Jews did 9/11 and JFK. AMA

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2022.01.28 17:23 BettaParade It is ok to feed a beta fish just once each day?

Hello Betta owners of Reddit! I am thinking about getting a Betta fish and keeping it in a 5 gallon tank with a filter and heater. Will a Betta be happy and healthy if it only gets fed once each day? Feeding it twice a day isn’t really an option for me unfortunately.
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2022.01.28 17:23 J5_Fakiney My game won't load :( Does anyone have a fix to this? Would really appreciate it :)

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2022.01.28 17:23 andronjebel What EQ should I get for 340 EK

I recently bought a 340 EK with 120 axe and 114 shield. The only EQ I have is a falcon axe. What is a good set to get?
Thanks for your help!
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2022.01.28 17:23 quantpsychguy Career Progression Question (moving to a BI Director role)

Hoping for the $0.02 of the more experienced.
I work as a data science manager now with a group that's focused on predictive modeling and analytics. I've been reached out to by a recruiter for a Director role in a Business Intelligence group. The BI group is self-described 'immature' and the current work seems to be largely around turning reports into real time dashboarding. They also want to move into "ML and AI" which is clearly not a short term thing and I don't think they really even understand what that means.
Is it a terrible idea to take a step from a data science manager and move into a group that is doing mostly BI work and trying to build out their predictive function? Or is it the career kiss of death to go into a BI group? Will I be stuck there and never be able to get out of it?
There is a money bump, of course, and also additional headcount. That part I'm interested in but I worry about being yet another BI manager.
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2022.01.28 17:23 rs_alli Gas shortage?

Not sure if I’ve just missed some big news or something, but I’ve been to 3 gas stations and all of them are “out of order” is there a fuel shortage or is something going on? I googled it and saw a shortage for natural gas, but I didn’t think that would impact gasoline.
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2022.01.28 17:23 Simonx128 Looking for note taking app with specific features

I've been looking for a note taking app for quite a long time which provides 3 basic features imho:

  1. Support digital pen
  2. Being able to decide whether I want to create a note in DIN A4 / fixed pixel size format or with infinite scrolling in y- and x-direction.
  3. Cloud synchronization / export to cloud
The point of failure seems to be the second feature. All the apps I tried either supported notes in DIN A4 / selectable pixel size but not infinite scrolling in both directions or vice versa. I really don't want to use 2 different apps just for different page sizes /styles.
Im thankful for every recommendation. App can be free or paid, as long as it supports those 3 features, I'm fine with paying for it.
My device is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite, if that is important.
Thanks :)
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